White Soul Collective Mark Olsen, Michelle Martinez, Scotty Sax


The DJ group is the concept of mixing live Sax, Percussion and Vocals with the DJ. The singers perform well known classics over the latest chill out or funky house, making a live remix that will get the most reluctant party goers dancing.

The DJ band or ‘Sound System’, is a best of both worlds scenario. To give you some background on Scotty. He has been around since the inception of adding live instruments to DJ music and has played with most of the groups that get around Sydney. He was a founding member of White Soul Collective. The group had a 10 year residency in Manly on Sunday evenings. 5 Years at the Barking Frog before taking the show to Shore Club for another 5 years This is one of the longest standing residencies of any group. Scotty has also played with many other groups including Martini Club, Random Soul, Tiki Tembo, White Rabbit and SSSS (Scotty Sax Sound System).

These groups make a great entertainment alternative for an event. The live element really connects with the audience.

White Soul is available for events and weddings Australia wide. Head to the contact page and send Scotty a message if you would like a quote?

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