DJ Scotty Sax

Scotty Sax show reel

Scotty Sax has now turned his attention to DJing. After an apprenticeship alongside the greats, Scotty has learnt the art of reading a crowd and the importance of song selection. His first love is Funk, however a typical set will include elements of Jazz, Funk, Nu Disco, Deep House and Hip Hop. What really sets Scotty’s DJ set apart, is his ability to bust out a riff on the Sax whenever the need arises.

Scotty has been fortunate enough to work alongside, (playing sax) some of the worlds best DJ’s. Names like Richard Earnshaw, Ron Carrol, Joey Negro, Deep Swing, Mo Funk, plus working constantly with Sydney’s best house and party DJ’s. You can’t buy experience like that. Watching the best in the world mix and control the vibe in a room has been inspirational and educational.

The Right Music

You need the right music to have live instrument accompaniment. Scotty has spent a long time collecting the gems that sound great with Sax and Vocals. In the past he has been hired to play along side DJ’s that have made his job almost impossible, playing tracks that don’t have any space for the Sax to shine. By choosing the music himself he knows he has the right tunes get the job done properly.

“I asked a good friend, Christian Ralston aka Super C from Cargo Bar what he based his song selection on. He took a moment to think about it and said, ‘If it’s good, i’ll play it’. I’m adopting this as my mantra. There are plenty of songs out there, in all genre’s, that will keep the dance floor engaged”.

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