Wedding Music

Organising music for Weddings is one of Scotty’s specialties. He has provided music for hundreds of Sydney weddings and even weddings Australia wide. Obviously each wedding is different and the music needs to reflect a couples personality and taste. The primary focus should be to engage guests and create a mood that embodies the significance of the occasion.

As well as his own groups, Scotty has a selection of groups to choose from that cover a wide variety of styles to suit many tastes. Options available include DJ’s, a DJ with a live element, or a band ranging from a duo to a 8 piece.

Scotty plays in and manages The Royals, who are regarded as one of Sydney’s best wedding bands. He also has access to booking the finest talent around, thanks to many years of moonlighting as a gun for hire with other groups. He knows the best musicians and the best acts and is able to book them for your event.

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