Scotty Sax’s skill set includes all facets of the music industry

Not only is Scotty a phenomenal sax player, he has been playing with bands and DJ's for two decades. He is also a band leader, booking agent, DJ, and percussionist. This is your one stop shop for any live music needs you may have. With his vast network of contacts, he can organise just about any musical request. Enjoy exploring the rest of this site and make sure you catch Scotty at one of his live shows.

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Scotty Sax honed his skills in Sydney’s top night clubs. Holding down lengthy residencies and paving the way for other musicians to infiltrate the DJ / musician fusion. He started at Q-Bar when only a handful of musicians had even considered playing with DJ’s.

With over two decades experience in Sydney’s live scene, Scotty Sax introduced DJ’ing to his skill set. After spending so much time in clubs listening to the best DJ’s Australia had to offer, he received a musical education that money can’t buy. Now Scotty offers a truly unique experience. He DJ’s, plays sax, plays bongo’s and has created a show that has to be seen and experienced to be believed.

Scotty went on to play at Cargo Bar on Saturday nights for 6 years. He was also part of the famous Sunday session in Manly. Five years at the Barking Frog and then the trio White Soul, (consisting of DJ, sax and vocals), moved over to Shore Club for another five years. Making it one of the longest residencies by a Sydney group.

Make an event memorable

A successful event is the sum of it’s parts. You need a good location, good food, alcohol (often any kind), good people and of course good music.

With over 26 million songs available to download on iTunes and thousands of new ones being created as you read this, it’s easy to get it wrong. You need to know your crowd and you need someone who gets you and what you are trying to achieve.

Once you’ve chosen the style of your event, it’s time to create the sound track. Scotty can help you plan the perfect musical accompaniment. Whether it be a DJ, a live band or a hybrid of both DJ and live musicians.

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