Scotty Sax feat. Kenton Lee – Angel of Light

You can listen to ‘Angel of Light’, on your favourite streaming platform here:
Scotty Sax feat. Kenton Lee – Angel of Light

What an amazing journey I’ve been on. The global pandemic hits and all of sudden, literally over night, there are no gigs. For a while, it was nice to have a break. Gigging takes a lot of physical and mental energy. To switch off, was truly a blessing. However, as the months dragged on, I found my way to the piano and guitar more often than ever before. I felt the create juices flowing and I started recording my ideas. Something I hadn’t done in years. I started falling in love with the song writing process. Before I knew it I had a downtempo, electro groove that was begging for a sweet vocal melody, to layer over the top and bring it to life.

As part of my lockdown regime, I would trawl Youtube looking for inspiration. One day I came across this amazing clip, by a South African artist, Kenton Lee . I really loved both the songs he covered, so I figured we already had something in common. I sent the beds and asked if he’d like to write and perform on the track. To my delight he said yes and a couple of months later he sent me the stems. I was immediately inspired to record my sax on the track. I now had melodies to work off and it was so great to lay down something with feel to suit the relaxed, yet soulful nature of the song.

To add to the mix, Kenton include an amazing piano accompaniment from his good friend, Herschelle Sheldon. I never planned to have have piano on the track, but once I heard the performance he’d done, I couldn’t leave it out.

The next step was to take it my good mate Yogi, from Random Soul, to mix it. Yogi has an amazing ear and he took the track to the next level sonically.

I’m proud to say, that we now have Angel of light to share with you. I’d love to know what you think of it? Please comment below.


Press Release


Sydney-based song writer and multi-instrumentalist Scotty Sax has joined forces with South African vocalist Kenton Lee and pianist Herschelle Sheldon, to deliver a delicious slab of sun-drenched house music.

This sultry, melody laden, mid-tempo love song is perfect for poolside cocktails, or perhaps vicariously dreaming of the summer!

Filled with smooth textures and jazzy-undertones ‘Angel of Light’ showcases Scotty’s decades-long expertise with the saxophone and ability to effortlessly blend his influences to create music for the soul.

You can stream ‘Angel of Light’ here: Scotty Sax feat. Kenton Lee – Angel of Light

Scotty Sax feat. Kenton Lee – Angel of Light releases on all major platforms August 20, 2021.

Scotty Sax

A veteran of the Sydney music scene and expert saxophonist, Scotty Sax has been playing bars, clubs, weddings and corporate events for more than two decades.

A man of many hats, Scotty is also a DJ, band leader and percussionist, taking his solo show or a full band across many of Sydney’s most sought after locations including a six year long residency at Cargo Bar.

His song writing credits include multiple releases by now-defunct Sydney group Grover. His solo tracks can be streamed here.

Kenton Lee

Is a South African based award winning producer, guitarist, singer & songwriter. Born in Kwa-Zulu Natal, playing in church bands from a very tender age, he honed his musical craft at Natal Technikon. Since then he’s worked artists such as Lira, Donald Denial, Proverb,
Mariechan, Steve Kekand PJ Powers, Sasha-Lee Davids, Lloyd Cele & Denim amongst others. Kenton Lee is part of a new generation of multi-instrumentalists. Although his vocals, guitar and production are at centre stage, he can also play the drums & keyboards with equal ability.


“Love the voice, the sax, the keys, the mix, it’s a really great sultry “pop” song.” – Athesia Eastside Radio
“Having seen Scotty play live numerous times over the years I was delighted to hear ‘Angel of Light’. It perfectly captures the feeling of lying on a beach and forgetting your worries”