Scotty Sax plays at the Boathouse

Being chosen to perform at a wedding comes with a responsibility that used to make me nervous. Now I consider it an honour and I love being part of someones big day. More than that it’s an opportunity to use my years of experience and get amongst the crowd the fire everyone up and get the most out of the dance floor. Seriously I love nothing better than an audience egging me on. It lifts my playing to a higher level and it creates this amazing loop of energy that flows between the artist and the audience. Both parties giving as much as they can and feeding off each other.

The other bonus on this occasion is that I was playing at the Boathouse in Palm Beach. The reason this place is special to me is not the obvious reasons. Sure it has an amazing location and incredible food and probably the coolest staff of any bar / restaurant. It’s that relationship I have built with the venue. I was fortunate to be there from the start. My band Grover played at the launch of the venue and I’ve watched it go from strength to strength.

This night still stays with me as there was absolute electricity in the air as the sun went down and the guests started ignoring the amazing food going round and engaged with the music. It’s awesome to see a crowd get into it early! More like this one please!

Till next time….