Having the right music at an event can be the difference between a good party and a great one… 

Scotty Sax has been successfully organizing music for events for the past 10 years. He is regarded as one of Sydney’s leading entertainers and has performed alongside Sydney’s best musicians and Dj’s at hundreds of events.


Your Party Options

Scotty Sax works with several different groups on a regular basis. He started his career playing sax along side DJ’s and working in funks bands. He now Dj’s, plays Sax and Bongo’s and manages and plays with The Royals. Every event is unique and requires a different solution. Read on below to see what would suit your event the best.

I need a sax player

You have your own DJ and need to spice up the mix with live sax and percussion. Hire Scotty or one of his colleagues to take your event to the next level. Scotty uses a wireless microphone and interacts with the audience. He also plays Bongo's and can organise a conga player to join him. If Scotty is unavailable he will make sure you get the best in the business to fill in for him.

I want a DJ / Band

Scotch and Soda is the best in the business when it comes to combining musicians with DJ's. Sassy female vocalists, incredible sax players, electrifying percussionists, soulful male singers, in any combination to fit your event on any budget. Scotty knows the best musicians in Sydney and together they have put together an incredible show. Your guests will be blown away by their talent.

I want a live band

The Royals is a concept put together by Scotty after years of managing bands and playing on the sydney cover scene. The Royals weave seamlessly between styles reworking covers and absolutely squeezing every last bit of danceability out of each song. The winning formula is comprised of handpicked talent, matching diverse and in-demand Sydney musicians with the cream of Sydney’s vocal talent.

Scotch & Soda packages

Customise your event - Select from 3 party options and build your entertainment package:

Option 1

  • Scotty sax is one of Sydney's only professionals who can deliver you a 3-in-1 Solution with his ability to successfully rock your party with Sax + Bongos + DJ.

Option 3

The Deluxe
  • For an unforgettable event the deluxe package provides you with 1 or 2 vocalists a DJ + sax + Congas + Bongos in a show that will blow you away.

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