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Music at corporate events is crucial for the success of the event. Invariably you'll have a diverse range of ages and demographics to cater to. When it comes to music selection it's best to be flexible. Experience counts when it comes to reading the crowd and knowing what to do to make the audience engage. Both the Royals and Scotch & Soda have the perfect repertoire to cater to a corporate event. Whether it's 50 guests or 500, both groups have a wealth of experience when entertaining large groups.

Background Music or Bring the Party

Scotty has performed at hundreds of corporate events and there is a common theme throughout most events. Either the client wants to create the perfect background ambience so people can mingle and still be entertained, or, they want to create a party atmosphere. Scotty will figure out a plan with you to make sure you have the right musicians on the job.

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Melbourne cup @ The Newport

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Events companies love Scotty Sax

Scotty is on the books with several big agencies and has played at 6 weddings of event planners in the past 12 months. It's fair to say Scotty is doing something right. Make sure your event is in safe hands and head to the booking page to make an enquiry.

Party Band Video

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Music Options

Scotty Sax

For smaller events Scotty's one man show is perfect. DJ, sax and bongo's can be either sophisticated background ambience or get the party going.

Scotch & Soda

If you have more people to entertain you need Scotch and Soda. They have an array of artists to choose from including DJ's, Sax players, guitarists, conga players and live singers.

The Royals

The Royals provides a 5 - 10 piece band to take your party up a level. Matching in-demand Sydney session musicians with the cream of Sydney’s vocal talent.

Your Event Options

Select from 4 party options and build your entertainment package:

Option 1

  • Scotty sax is one of Sydney's only professionals who can deliver you a 3-in-1 Solution with his ability to successfully rock your event with Sax + Bongos + DJ.

Option 2

  • Add vocals or congas to Scotty's DJ, sax and bongo offering to take your event up to the next level.

Option 3

The Deluxe
  • If you want the ultimate combination of DJ and live band hire Scotty Sax plus 2 vocalists, a percussionist and a guitarist. This is as good as it gets.

Option 4

  • Hire the Royals Sydney's premier party band and by default you get Scotty as the DJ to keep the vibe going between the band sets.

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