Hi ya, Scotty Sax here, reporting my weekends activities once again.

2 Grover weddings, one in the Hunter Valley the other at Ormegio at The Spit. Both gigs were rocking but there’s not much to tell, it was business as usual. Actually the sticky date pudding at the Hunter deserves an honorable mention. Now that i think about it, the food at both venues was excellent!

Ormegio is Northern Italian cuisine. The risotto with gorgonzola was amazing! Rock royalty was in the crowd at the spit. INXS’s Tim Farris was there.

The highlight of the weekend was the Frantic Boat party. It was my 4th cruise and I hope there are many more to come. The boat bounces around Sydney harbour with 600 hardcore music loving fans. These fans are so into the music!

Of all the cruises that happen over Summer, this one is for the serious music fans. Downstairs is trance and hard house. Upstairs in Funky, bouncy progressive house. Haha, I scarcely know the genres names, let along what constitutes a song fitting within one. I just chime in when I can hear some space. The day was perfect. Not a cloud in the Sky. The photographer on board Cam will give you an idea of what it was like.

Sydney-Harbour-Bridge-290x288  The-Bondi-House-DJs-290x290  Blue-tounge-vibe-290x290  Scotty-on-the-Bongos-290x290  Crowd-shot-290x290  Crowd-shot-3-290x290  Clarkey-and-Mike-B-290x290

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Next weekend is a trip to Mudgee with Grover. We will be playing at a winery! I’ll take my camera and get some pics!