Scotty Sax at Hayman Island

So I’m playing down at Watsons Bay Hotel one Saturday afternoon and this striking blonde beauty comes up to me and asks if I play at weddings. I’m not sure how many I’ve played at but it’s a lot. Several hundred sounds about right. Then she mentioned it would be at Hayman Island. Having never been before I was super keen. As luck would have it Christel and Alex came and watched me play again and we started discussing their amazing wedding plan.

Hayman Island is a step up from any of the regular venues I have played at in Australia. It’s a plane flight to Hamilton Island and then a connecting super yacht whisks you at high speed through the Whitsundays. You then arrive at a tropical paradise with an incredible hotel perched on the Southern protected side of the Island.

A destination wedding is a great way to make sure your guests are committed to having a good time. You can also get a bit more milage out of the the party with events on days either side of the wedding.

I have to say of all the weddings I’ve done, this one really sticks with me. Everything was perfect and the guests responded by letting their hair down like an end of year uni party. The atmosphere was electric and the bride and groom were leading the charge. It was a buzz facilitating the riotous behaviour. Note the plentiful amounts of Expresso Martini’s, Champagne and vodka in the pics below.

Once again I was joined by Michelle Martinez and as usual she nailed it. It’s funny we both like playing melodic chilled music but put a crowd in front of us and we can’t help but get caught up in the party. The harder the crowd goes the harder we go and it creates this amazing loop of musical energy.