In 2015 I was asked to Dj for Stacey and Nima at their wedding in Positano. It’s always an honour to be asked to perform at a wedding but to be asked to travel to Italy to do so is an even bigger honour. The feel of the place is incredible, not to mention the breathtaking views. It’s truly one of the most romantic places on earth. Guests flew in from all over the world and the atmosphere was electric by the time the dance floor fired up. It was such a great night and I long to play over there again. I was joined on vocals by Angelina Ciccotti and it’s fair to say we rocked it.

I’m now lucky to call Stacey and Nima good friends and they have been such incredible support to me. They run a digital media agency called New Republique and they are responsible for the incredible design of this website. This was the gig that just keeps on giving.

For a final thought on Positano – Take me back!!!

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