Saxing It Up In Kings Cross

This shot was taken last weekend at Kit n Kaboodle in Kings Cross.

Live Sax

Why does live sax with the DJ work so well. I have a few theories.

I’m certainly interested in hearing yours? I’m constantly astounded by the volume of people who tell me they used to play sax. It’s definitely my first guess as to why it is popular. My second guess is the instruments remarkable symbiosis with the voice. The sax can mimic the tone inflections that a voice can and then some. When you hear a good sax player, you feel like they are talking to you and telling story. It’s not a language that can be tangibly understood, however, it resonates emotion and the listener is often compelled. How does that tie in with club life. Usually it’s the pursuit of euphoria. Soaring melodies that heighten and elate the senses, to just squeeze every bit of life out of those dance moves.

Let me know what you think of live sax with the DJ, and why you think it’s so popular?